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Nutrition Information & Resources
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​It is our goal to provide our customers with with the nutrition information and resources they need to make the best food decisions based on their personal needs.

Did you know?!

We are directly linked to the food journaling apps - MyFitness Pal & Lose It! Just download these apps onto your smart phone and then type "eurest" before the menu item name and be linked to the most accurate nutrition information based on our recipe composition.

Below you will find nutrition information for our offerings that are available every day in the cafe:

Breakfast Grill

Bagels & Muffins

Lunch Grill 


Salad Bar

Brand Websites for Nutrition


Panda Express


Jake's BBQ

Au Bon Pain Soup
Allergy Information & Resources
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Our Allergy program consists of an online training for all of our managers of what our policy is and how to properly educate, inform, and handle food allergens in our cafes.  If you are looking for specific information about the ingredients used in our recipes - please contact the food service director in your cafe to set a meeting where they can answer all of your questions.  These are your on-site allergen experts with the most correct answer to your questions.

Attached is an overview of what we try to provide for customers who are looking to avoid gluten. 

As many of you may be aware - we are unable to label gluten free items in our cafe because we can not guarantee any of our items for be 100% gluten free.  For our customers that have a gluten intolerance and are looking for items made without gluten - we have several options for you in the cafe.

Avoiding Gluten Guide