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Thrive- it's here
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​What Are You Waiting For?

Download Thrive for Fast Ordering & Payment!


If you haven't downloaded the Thrive mobile app, what are you waiting for? It's free in the App and Google Play stores (look for "Thrive Ordering"), or you can text "Thrive" to 99299.

Thrive lets you order ahead and pay for fresh, made-to-order meals and pick them up at a time that's most convenient for you! Use Thrive to order and pay for menu items at the stations below.

Reduced Services
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​Please click on the dates below for more details on reduces services in the marketplace.

Please check back later for the 2021 reduces services dates.

Be a Flexitarian
Be A Flexitarian
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​Eat More Plants!

Putting plantas at the center of your place is good for you and the planet.  Aim to skip meat at one or more meals each week. 

be a #flexitarian