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Ask the Registered Dietitian!
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​​Visit our wellness website at where you can find out how Eurest strives for sustainability, guidelines on building a better meal for breakfast or lunch in your cafe, or download fun recipes to try at home! 

Have questions about food or nutrition? Our experts are here to help! Browse our FAQ page here or contact a Registered Dietitian here​ to submit your own questions.

stonefruit 2018
Superfood of the Month
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​Stonefruits, one of the Summer's best know fruits, contain bioactive compounds that may help boost our health. They are anti-oxidant rich and full of fiber, making them a refreshing better-for-you treat during the heat of the Summer.
2018 Cafe Promotions
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​Follow your culinary journey and see what's in store! Click the link here​ for a full calendar of community events in your cafe. 

Locations may vary, see cafe manager for details.​